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Saint Augustine
  • Saint Augustine
  • Saint Augustine
  • Saint Augustine
  • Saint Augustine
  • Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine


Relié, 320 pages

Paru le 20 décembre 2007 chez Exhibitions International

Couverture: Rigide (sous jaquette)

Langue: Néerlandais

Dimensions: 25,5 x 33,2 x 3,4 cm

Poids: 2600 grammes



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Augustine of Hippo was a highly multifaceted personality; intellectual, mystic, bishop, monk, philosopher, biblical thinker. His Confessions have been classics of world literature for centuries: for the first time in the history of culture, an individual had written at length about himself and placed the subject, the human being himself, at the centre of history.

This book aims to give a deeper insight into the man with the burning heart. The heart is the common thread that runs through the book and the iconographic symbol used in all illustrations of Augustine.

Against the glowing backdrop of North Africa, where he was mainly active, some twenty specialists seek to shed light on Augustine's thought.